North Carolina natives, Zach Dunham, vocalist/ guitarist, Quincy Platt, bassist, and Adam McLean, drummer, formed Arson Daily in 2014. The band mates, aka trifecta of talent, work hard, and play harder - While making music and performance professionalism their main focus in a proper rock n’ roll fashion.

In the early stages of Arson Daily, they spend months playing in packed basement shows; Contributing to their inspiration and growth of stage performance. Their energy encapsulates the listener, holding them hungry for the next show. The blending of Dunham’s vocals, coupled with Platt’s golden-groove bass licks, and the complex sound of McLean’s percussion, create the vox-garage style that is the revelation Arson Daily.

When put up against the world, music like Arson Daily can teleport you to a tropical brit-rock reservoir, with their story telling abilities that showcase the sentimentality that even an extroverted three piece can provide. For listeners looking to walk like a badass, throw on Arson Daily to put some party pep in your step.

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“Los Muertos” (2018)

“What’s On Your Mind” (June 2017)

Their EP is your road trip to go with split-step sounds complimented by chill-wave, call-and-release. 

“Arson Daily” (2016)

Debut album 

*The next album is in the works - Stay tuned on our Facebook page (Arson Daily) or instagram (@thearsondaily)


Photographer: Kendall Atwater